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Why the poll saying 56% of Americans support NSA is wrong

I’ve seen several interviews today and yesterday where the corporate news anchor, in one case Oprah’s friend Gayle on Good Morning America and in the other Piers Morgan, use a recent Pew Research poll to argue that 56% of Americans approve of the NSA spying. With only 41% of Americans opposing the spying.

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Edward Snowden’s important distinction between policy and law

While the Obama Administration will certainly not win any awards in the realm of transparency NSA whistleblower Snowden makes an important distinction about the potential capability that currently lies dormant in the existing data collection program named Prism. I see several potential chains of events that lay on the horizon that could unlock the extraordinary abuse of such a program’s capability.

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Slim chances for a grand bargain sends market lower

Shortly after the networks called the election for President Obama on Tuesday night Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a surprisingly firm statement. The eye catching portion of the statement was this: “Now it’s time for the president to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and [...]

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The obscene cost of Federal traveler’s meal money

Is it really necessary that federal travelers have about a $30 meal when on travel (and a $6 tip)?

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The lie of momentum politics and the false horse race narrative

Conventional wisdom states that momentum plays a key role in the primary contests. But that wisdom is nothing more than self-fulfilling rhetoric by the mainstream media. Candidates do not achieve a state of inertia, the mainstream political media award it through allotment of time spent covering a particular candidate.

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VP Rand Paul is the answer to the GOP’s Ron Paul problem

The most intriguing storyline from the GOP primary battle has become the unlikely alliance between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. Could a VP Rand Paul be the endgame?

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23 of Romney’s foreign policy advisers served under George W Bush

Twenty three of Romney’s senior advisers served under Bush in some capacity, several serving in key roles in the administration.

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Reason Ron Paul will not run third party in 2012: Rand 2016

The establishment press most recently embodied by Brian Williams on Monday night are addicted to asking Ron Paul the third party question again and again for 5 years.

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Romney and Paul attacks on Gingrich effective in Florida

As Romney and Gingrich faceoff in the delegate rich state of Florida both candidates are under heavy attack. Gingrich is under attack from Romney and Ron Paul.

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Rick Santorum is the 2012 version of Mike Huckabee

With Rick Santorum’s performance tonight there will likely be pressure from the GOP establishment on the former Senator from Pennsylvania to drop out of the GOP presidential primary race. So far Santorum mirrors the 2008 Huckabee campaign, obviously because of the win over Romney in Iowa, but also the bare-bones structure of his campaign and [...]

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