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In depth interview with Eric Hovde on the economy

In a wide ranging interview with Milwaukee Story, Eric Hovde answered a variety of questions primarily regarding the US and world economies.

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Mark Neumann talks US debt and the direction of the GOP

I had a chance to talk debt reduction and the direction of the Republican Party with Mark Neumann last week when he joined me by phone.

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Six Milwaukee aldermen go unchallenged in spring elections

In last week’s election in the City of Milwaukee six Milwaukee aldermen were allowed to appear on the ballot unchallenged and therefore cruise to easy victories. The six alderman were Ashanti Hamilton (1st district), Joe Davis Sr. (District 2), Nic Kovac (District 3), Bob Bauman (District 4), Jim Bohl (District 5) and Willie Wade (District 7).

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Interview with US Senate candidate Eric Hovde of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Story had a chance to ask him a few questions on how this background would help him in influencing the national debate on the financial sector and how it relates to the US economy.

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The disenfranchised GOP voters of Wisconsin

Don’t be surprised if the county-by-county map of today’s Republican primary for President looks exactly like the one for the GOP primary for governor two years ago.

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A closer look at Paul Ryan’s conservative credentials

At a time when the Republican Party was in dire need of leader, Ryan essentially voted lockstep with the Republican Party. Paul supported Sarbanes Oxley, Medicare Prescription Part D, The Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Auto Bailouts, and the Bank Bailouts.

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Battle over raw milk in the Dairy State senate

Republicans in Wisconsin have a chance to own the debate regarding individual rights and free markets by supporting the legalization of raw milk sales.

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Marquette poll shows Wisconsin split on collective bargaining

The first highly anticipated Marquette Law School poll is out and overall things are looking rosy for Governor Walker’s administration.

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Testing Ground: Recent elections in Wisconsin pit the Unz vs. Sailer voting theories

Wisconsin has unwittingly become a testing ground for these competing theories. In certain parts of the Badger State, the Republican Party’s percentage of the white votes has exceeded 70 percent and, along with strong turnouts on Election Day, has allowed the party to take control of state government since the 2010 election and blunt to a degree the Leftist and union-based activism in the state Supreme Court election and recall elections last year.

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Financing options for new arena to replace Bradley Center for Milwaukee Bucks

The likely way I see this situation playing out is local politicians painting a picture of Milwaukee without the Bucks in order to sell a tax of some kind. And if you have driven down Wisconsin Avenue lately you have noticed that there are already more empty storefronts than occupied. If the Bucks leave they would likely take a few more restaurants, potential development and a chunk of the city’s self esteem with them.

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