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Enough highly unusual circumstances to prove Ryan Braun’s innocence?

Although it’s unprecedented for an MLB player to be found innocent after appealing a failed test, some of the information that has surfaced since Saturday seems to be in unprecedented territory as well.

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Financing options for new arena to replace Bradley Center for Milwaukee Bucks

The likely way I see this situation playing out is local politicians painting a picture of Milwaukee without the Bucks in order to sell a tax of some kind. And if you have driven down Wisconsin Avenue lately you have noticed that there are already more empty storefronts than occupied. If the Bucks leave they would likely take a few more restaurants, potential development and a chunk of the city’s self esteem with them.

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Pulitzer Prize winner Paul Harding visits Boswell’s Books in Milwaukee

Harding, 42, started late as a writer, and before attending the Iowa Writers Workshop was a drummer in a marginally successful grunge band, Cold Water Flat.

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Rufus Wainwright in the thriller at the Pabst

There are extravaganzas and then there are otherworldly extravaganzas. When Rufus Wainwright visited Milwaukee’s Pabst Theatre (which he has called “The Paris of the Midwest”) in 2007 to record his CD and DVD, the audience was treated to the former with a dazzling display of big band, background vocals, costume changes — real razzamatazz. Tuesday [...]

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