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Edward Snowden’s important distinction between policy and law

While the Obama Administration will certainly not win any awards in the realm of transparency NSA whistleblower Snowden makes an important distinction about the potential capability that currently lies dormant in the existing data collection program named Prism. I see several potential chains of events that lay on the horizon that could unlock the extraordinary abuse of such a program’s capability.

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CIA prison as motivation in the Benghazi attack

In the mainstream American press the question of motivation is rarely addressed in cases of aggression against American forces. Unless it can be easily explained by religious radicalism, the motivation of religious radicalism and an overall radical culture of Islam is implied. What makes the Benghazi situation so interesting is that the motivation is what [...]

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Bin laden killing frames presidential foreign policy debate

The back and forth between Obama and Romney regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden has framed the foreign policy debate for this presidential election cycle.

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In depth interview with Eric Hovde on the economy

In a wide ranging interview with Milwaukee Story, Eric Hovde answered a variety of questions primarily regarding the US and world economies.

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Mark Neumann talks US debt and the direction of the GOP

I had a chance to talk debt reduction and the direction of the Republican Party with Mark Neumann last week when he joined me by phone.

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Interview with US Senate candidate Eric Hovde of Wisconsin

Milwaukee Story had a chance to ask him a few questions on how this background would help him in influencing the national debate on the financial sector and how it relates to the US economy.

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The disenfranchised GOP voters of Wisconsin

Don’t be surprised if the county-by-county map of today’s Republican primary for President looks exactly like the one for the GOP primary for governor two years ago.

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A closer look at Paul Ryan’s conservative credentials

At a time when the Republican Party was in dire need of leader, Ryan essentially voted lockstep with the Republican Party. Paul supported Sarbanes Oxley, Medicare Prescription Part D, The Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, Auto Bailouts, and the Bank Bailouts.

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The obscene cost of Federal traveler’s meal money

Is it really necessary that federal travelers have about a $30 meal when on travel (and a $6 tip)?

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The intolerable threat of Iran remaining a sovereign nation

The 20 percent enriched uranium is the closest Iran has come to weapons grade uranium and it is still not any where near the 90% enriched uranium needed for a nuclear weapon.

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