CIA prison as motivation in the Benghazi attack

In the mainstream American press the question of motivation is rarely addressed in cases of aggression against American forces. Unless it can be easily explained by religious radicalism, the motivation of religious radicalism and an overall radical culture of Islam is implied. What makes the Benghazi situation so interesting is that the motivation is what the entire scandal revolves around.

Initially the Obama administration stated that the attack morphed out of a protest that was motivated my an anti Islamic YouTube video. In most circumstances they might have got away with this weak explanation, but what makes the Benghazi attack so unique is that it took place during an election period when a desperate Republican party was willing to politicize any item in the news cycle. That was the fatal miscalculation of the CIA was to operate as they would in normal news conditions during the peak of a Presidential election cycle.

Republican leadership quickly stated that the evidence pointed to the attack being preplanned by an Al-Qaeda linked group, Ansar al Sharia. This is where the motivation becomes obscured and implied.

The sole public source of the prison rescue narrative is Paula Broadwell. The claim is now being dismissed by mainstream media outlets as they quote denials by the CIA and “top intelligence officials.” Obviously in the establishment media government officials are able to crush any accountability of a pre-scandal Broadwell with an anonymous statement or two. But should they?

If the CIA prison really did/does exist and was the motivation behind the attack everything in the timeline makes complete sense. The use of the term Libyan militants without mentioning that less than six months ago NATO and US forces where arming and giving air support to these same militants. NATO was not originally in Libya to fight Islamic extremism but rather to overthrow Gaddafi. If the CIA swooped in an did an about face and started snatching up locals who presumably helped in the effort to oust Gaddafi the rage of the detainees family and comrades suddenly becomes a bit more rational.

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