In depth interview with Eric Hovde on the economy

In a wide ranging interview with Milwaukee Story, Eric Hovde answered a variety of questions primarily regarding the US and world economies. We covered a broad spectrum of topics ranging from the Federal Reserve to how US military spending plays into paying down the debt.

Eric Hovde Interview Part 1 of 3

Since I talked to Eric Hovde last Monday his campaign has gained traction as a candidate for the Republican nomination.

It is clear that Hovde has what many politicians in Washington unfortunately lack and that is a deep understanding of the financial problems that face the US and the world. During the interview he calls for reform to how Wall Street is allowed to operate.

Part 2 of 3

Hovde has picked up the early endorsement of State Senator Leah Vukmir from Wauwatosa, this is the first significant signal out of the Wisconsin GOP that they may move for Hovde over Thompson in the primary. Or at the very least the election will not be without resistance for Thompson.

While the argument has been made that with the Recall election in June and the US Senate primary in August there will be little time to stop the name recognition powerhouse that is Tommy Thompson in Wisconsin. But two months is an eternity in politics and if anything political interest will be heightened in the state. Add to that a well stocked Hovde war chest primed to flood the airwaves and you have a recipe for an interesting Republican US Senate primary.

Part 3 of 3

The most fascinating aspect of the campaign to watch will be to what extent Mark Neumann and/or Eric Hovde will take to the airwaves to address Tommy Thompson's record in relation to the former Wisconsin Governor now running as a conservative.

Hovde refers to the presidential candidate Ron Paul twice in the interview in relation to the Federal Reserve. Hovde agrees with Ron Paul that there should be a full audit of the Federal Reserve as well as revoking the Federal Reserve's dual mandate for price stabilization and full employment.

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  1. Brent says:

    I would like to hear more what other Republicans think of Hovde. Do they like his stand on the social issues…etc?

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