Romney’s top contributor: Goldman Sachs, Ron Paul’s: US Army


Democrats are shocked to see President Obama treat Wall Street's top banks with respect and kindness. In order to predict his kindness (Obama's justice department has failed to prosecute the crimes that helped lead to the financial crisis of 2008) towards the top financial institutions it didn't take a crystal ball, all it took was a list of his top donors which included Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Citigroup. Applying this same logic to the GOP primary election Romney is the candidate that will likely be buddy-buddy with Wall Street. Mitt Romney's top ten is made up of Goldman Sachs, followed by Credit Suisse (Switzerland), Morgan Stanley, Barclays (UK), Bank of America and JP Morgan. In contrast Romney's co-frontrunner in Iowa, Ron Paul, has a top three donor list made up of the US Army, US Navy and US Airforce.

Obviously Goldman Sachs and company donate heavily to Romney not because they like his stance on the social issues but because he will continue the rigged game of crony capitalism. The revolving door from Wall Street (particularly from Goldman Sachs) to the White House will remain open and Goldman and company will maintain not only their rigged game but their influence.

The active duty military that make up Ron Paul's top donor list are attempting to send a signal to the American people that Ron Paul's foreign policy is the right choice.

So yes Romney and Paul are in a race to get the nomination from the same party but they could not be more polar opposites when it comes to their intentions for the Presidency.

Perhaps this is why Romney has not yet attacked Ron Paul directly. Attacking Ron Paul opens Romney up to a direct debate with Ron Paul on the issues. Such a debate would draw a clear distinction between Romney and Paul on the issues that a majority of the electorate, particularly the issue of support for TARP and future bank bailouts.

In October Milwaukee Story published this article that broke down Romney's pledge to continue US interventionist/first-strike foreign policy. That foreign policy white paper was an additional signal to Wall Street that Romney was a safe bet as an establishment candidate and could be trusted to pull from Washington and Wall Street establishments to fill his cabinet posts.

It is critical to understand that even though Goldman Sachs tops Romney's donor list does not mean they are lining up all of their resources behind Romney alone. Goldman has also donated heavily to Obama's reelection campaign. And while this may signal a subtle divide in the Goldman ranks, a more likely scenario is that Goldman is simply hedging their bets and lending their Wall Street credibility to each candidate that they believe will allow the crony capitalism necessary for them to continue their winning ways.

Note: Just to be clear the donations to Romney and Ron Paul represented in this article are from individuals employed by the organizations mentioned and not the US Army or Goldman Sachs directly. So soldiers and investment bankers, not Pentagon budgets and Goldman accounts.
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About the Author: Andy is a graduate student who lives in Milwaukee.

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  1. Pintkeeper says:

    If this article is accurate…and i suspect it is then the writing is on the wall. Cornie capitalism is taboo for real people who cast a vote. If it`s Romney and Obama a 3rd party run would split the republican vote… by Romney. People want change from politics as usual and that equates to votes from all across the spectrum.

    Ron Paul 2012

  2. Chris says:

    Excellent article sir. Thank you for pointing out that Ron Paul does not get his millions in donations from banks/special interests but rather from individuals like you or me. Individuals like OUR MILITARY. Love to see how Romney would defend against that if the media ever actually called him out on it.

  3. Hwt123 says:

    Ron Paul served in the military and he wants peace and to stop the corruption by the special interest groups who profit from wars and restore our fourth and fifth amendment rights which were stripped from us because our foreign policies back fired…Why is he viewed as extreme ?

    Mitt Romney, the spoiled rich chicken hawk who never served is asking this country to sacrifice our children and our economy to feed these greedy bankers by going to another needless war while AmeriKa turns into a police state…

    This is what our media corrupt has chosen for the people…four more years of status quo.
    in Washington…

  4. TDub says:

    Tooo bad RP is tooo old to be president. And, he’s bat $hit crazy!

    • George says:

      Baseless personal attack with no real argument.

    • Angry Voter says:

      Dr. Paul says the US should follow the US Constitution. Dr. Paul is 100% correct.

      Crazy was Obama and the vast majority of congress signing a bill claiming they have the right to kidnap, hold without trial and torture US citizens. That is a direct violation of the US Constitution and their oath of office. They should be stripped of their citizenship.

      Crazy was Bush Jr claiming his god came to him in visions and chose him to invade Iraq and that we would be welcomed as liberators and be home by Christmas (the first year).

      Crazy was approving a nuclear reactor for North Korea. Yeah, Clinton signed the authorization and Rumsfeldt worked for the company that built it.

      Crazy was Bush Sr using a voice coach to teach him a Texas accent so he could walk around with a cowboy hat and eat pork rinds. Bush Sr is from New England and had never even been in a Baptist Church until he left the CIA and moved to Texas to run for president.

      Crazy was Reagan consulting astrologers.

      Crazy was Carter approving a nuclear reactor for Iran.

      Crazy was Nixon giving China the right to sell to US citizens despite the fact that they use slave labor.

      Demonstrably false are Romney’s religious beliefs that Native Americans are Hebrew and that magic underware will protect him from physical harm.

    • Alex says:

      So, peace, liberty and freedom are ‘crazy’ ideas, according to you? And war, greed, slavery are perfectly normal?

      Ah yes, another mindless troll without even a speck of brain.

  5. hawkeyeballer says:

    This doesn’t mean anything. Financial institutions are not automatically evil. They are giving to Romney because they think he can turn around the economy and that is their main concern.

    Ron Paul is an ISOLATIONIST! And I’m sure there are some troops that like that. Doesn’t mean that he is not crazy. His foreign policy would destroy not only the US but Israel as well. And they are our best ally.

    • Jack says:

      The US is Israel’s ally. Israel is not the US’s ally.

    • George says:

      He is not an isolationist sir. He favors a non-INVERvention foreign policy which means no never ending wars, and if we do go to war, that the Congress DECLARE it (like the Constitution demands) so that the military be properly taken care of.
      Stop calling him crazy because what is crazy is voting for someone like Romney who changes his ideals every time the wind blows.

    • Angry Voter says:

      What Dr. Paul has said is that the Israelis are more than capable of protecting themselves.

      What Dr. Paul objected to is $10B a year in ‘aid’ to Israel and $5B a year to Egypt disappearing into thin air for decades while US citizens are going without basic needs and our infrastructure is rotting.

  6. Rebro says:

    Read General Smedley Butler’s view on war, if we actually did as he suggested then Goldman Sach’s would be side by side with Obama and Romney in some tent in the middle east, and our youth would be attending college and working in various jobs which add to the productive capabilities of our nation. Ron Paul 2012! Let’s end our servitude to Big Brother now!

  7. Tabitha says:

    Our country, land of the free home of the brave is broke. Broke people. Bring home our troops. Use American Tax payer dollars on making our country better. Let us work on American interest first and foremost.

    • blindwill says:

      by useing American tax dollars that means your money my money the U.S. Military’s servicemembers money when they have allready talked about not paying us in August of 2011,it’s not the tax payer’s dollar that needs to be used for fixing the country it’s all of congress who’s corrupt antics have turned this country inside out, raised out debt worse then the resients of the south side of chicago

  8. redlineman says:

    I keep seeing articles/comments about how “scary” Ron Paul is. Why are they so scared? We’re not talking about taking the country to WAR, for Pete’s sake. We’re talking about taking the country to PEACE. We’re talking about restoring the currency, and quitting illegitimate programs that are shrouded in secrecy (Federal Reserve’s secret $16 trillion in bank bailouts; who knows how much we’re paying for the European bailout). We’re talking about restoring America’s VOICE, and sending lobbyists PACKING.

    Go Ron Paul. GO IOWA!

  9. Ken says:

    Ron Paul is not an isolationist. Isolationism is literally the isolation of the nation – this includes the withdraw of ambassadors, and the end or greatly reduced capacity of international trade and travel.

    Paul desires none of that – only that we start closing our bases overseas. That Americans stop paying for the protection of other nations. Not only will this save us money it will also not feed into anti-American propaganda or feelings where they view us as invading their nation. Two benefits and no downsides.

    Israel’s Prime Minister has asked the US before Congress to stop meddling in Israeli policy and to leave Israel alone to make her own decisions without pressure from the US. Paul is following what the leader of Israel asked us to do.

    Here is a link to Netanyahu’s speech before Congress.

    Please stop listening to what people tell you to think and start looking out there for your own information.

  10. Massticles says:

    Lmfao @ T Dub and hawkeyeballer. If you can’t beat em, use your dirty politics to discredit them. When you decide to do some serious research instead of parroting mainstream rhetoric, than maybe your opinion will matter. But by the way you vote, I’m guessing you don’t really think much or carry your own oppinion. Cheers.

  11. waterlogged says:

    hawkeyeballer… Romney wont cut one dime .. turn the economy around right. What is Romney’s plan? Oh wait be in bed with the big banks ya that will work. Isnt it Funny anyone that bucks the status quo is labeled as crazy. Lets just keep doing what we have been doing that will solve everything. Everyone who supports sending our troops over seas should stand first in line and go themselves along with their own kids. Romney is a true chicken-hawk and has been rich all his life.. perfect candidate to be in bed with bankers.

  12. TheReal says:

    Ron Paul is NOT and isolationist, you noob. He’s a non-interventionist. He still wants to trade all around the world, he just doesn’t want to police the world. And yeah, financial institutions are not automatically evil, but if you look at the ones listed and do some f-ing research you might realize those particular ones are pretty damn evil. End the Fed, and vote Ron Paul. Save America before its too late.

  13. Vc says:

    Isolation is what we need right now. We don’t have to isolate ourselves permanently, but we need to focus and rebuild America. Why should all our money go to other countries when so many are unemployed and struggling? Pulling our military out is the best solution. I’m sorry for what is happening in Israel, but I fail to see why it’s our responsibility to protect them while so many suffer within our own borders

  14. yiffzer says:


    you have a point about financial institutions believing that romney could turn around the economy. however, stop accusing ron paul of being “isolationist” when it isn’t true and i do not understand how you think his foreign policy would destroy the u.s. nor how israel is our “best” ally. your claims have no basis at all.


  15. Tom says:

    Read from the following link for more information on the Goldman Sachs candidate, Mitt Romney:

  16. somedude says:

    Since when were armed services allowed to fund politicians? If that is legal then it is FAR more sketchy then a bank doing the same. If you mean members of the armed services then that is entirely different, and completly irrelevant. No one part of society is any more qualified to pick a leader then the rest. Oh, and yes, Ron Paul is straight up nuts.

    • garryc says:

      Members of the armed forces are citizens like any other American and are allowed to donate to any political party they wish. Just because you are an employee of the government doesn’t mean you forfeit your rights an an American citizen. If the Armed forces want to support Ron Paul they have every right to support him. Have you ever met Ron Paul or do you just listen to what the media says about him? I just wonder how a man who is “straight up nuts” held several terms in office and is a very successful business man who it seems correctly predicted the catastrophic downfall of American banking and 911? just asking

  17. Expertrider says:

    Ron Paul is not an isolationist. The military supports him because his foreign policy plan is the best one.
    No one needs to help Israel, they have enough nukes to vaporize all of the middle east. THe president of Israel has said clearly that he does not need or want help from the US. Ron Paul has a great plan to save the USA, enough with the bull crap propaganda!

  18. ChickHawkChickenSh*t says:

    The financial instutions themselves are not evil just mostly run by greedy self-serving sociopaths.

    Ron Paul is not an isolationist, also we shouldn’t be giving Israel our money and even their Prime Minister Netanyahu AGREES with Paul. Look it up.

  19. What says:

    “however, stop accusing ron paul of being isolationist” when it isn’t true”

    He wants to abolish foreign aide and his answer to every other foreign diplomacy matter is “we shouldn’t be involved”.
    If you believe “isolationist” is a misleading characterization of that, you’ll need to explain your understanding of the word.

  20. What says:

    “End the Fed, and vote Ron Paul. Save America before its too late.”

    These are mutually exclusive.
    The world is in a debt crisis. The US has a very bad debt situation and an uncertain outlook. The only reason you aren’t in the position of certain European countries is the world looks at the policies of your central bank and is reassured by them.
    Proposing that your central bank be dismantled is the same prescription as putting a shotgun in your mouth. I don’t even know that there are people crazy enough to propose this in Somalia.

  21. Sean Kulkar says:

    One thing the article was unclear about: does Ron Paul’s support come from soldiers in the military donating as individuals, or from the cash reserves of the military itself? If its the latter, that’s seriously worrying because the military should not be allowed to use our tax dollars to support political canidates.

  22. Ryan says:

    Thanks for writing a truthful article, I’m not from Wisconsin but I will continue to read political articles from any non-biased sources that are out there. Thank you, keep up the good work!!

  23. Jay says:

    It becomes ever more obvious that Paul’s opponents have no coherent reason for opposing him.

    Just look at the two yahoos who tried to smear Ron Paul above. You almost have to wonder if they were being sarcastic.

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