He might not know it but Herman Cain is a neocon

Herman Cain shied away from the neocon label during his questioning on Meet the Press, but the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza said he would defer to military brass regarding decisions about troop movements. Given the option of keeping troops in the foreign theater, military leadership will always find a reason not to end an occupation or war. Therefore a Herman Cain administration would likely never withdrawal troops from Afghanistan and Iraq and the potential future commander and chief is apparently naive enough on foreign policy issues, a la George W Bush, that he could be easily persuaded into a variety of military adventures that the neocon establishment has been waiting to launch.

Cain claims to be a staunch conservative but the introduction of a new federal tax in the form of a federal sales tax could easily fall under the progressive label. Without eliminating the federal income tax the introduction of the sales tax becomes vulnerable to manipulation by present and future members of Congress who would be left with the ability to raise and lower the percentage of the tax as they see fit. Short of a Constitutional amendment outlawing the raising of the level above the proposed 9%. But if history has taught us anything about Congress and the level of taxes, they indeed fluctuate.

Although foreign policy and taxation policies are often treated as two mutually exclusive issues in the United States they are linked closer than Cain would lead the voting public to believe.

If Herman Cain’s foreign policy mentors, namely John “can we please just bomb Iran” Bolton and Henry “kill anything that moves” Kissinger, are any indication of what the world would look like during and after a Cain administration then the US military would likely have the freedom to bomb and occupy where they want and when they want with little resistance from President Cain. And since the precedent is already set for the office of the President to by pass Congress and simply sign off on acts of war that military officials and the CIA are interested in carrying out for their own secret reasons, there would not be a chance of stopping unnecessary military actions in this scenario.

While much of the electorate has been lead to believe that Cain having no experience in Washington is a great attribute, with the revelation that he is naive at best on foreign policy, it flags him as a blank slate to the military planners in Washington and they have to be licking their collective war mongering chops right about now.

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About the Author: William is a freelance writer based in Milwaukee. His areas of focus include politics and economics.

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  1. Sam says:

    Now it looks like Cain is coming out to be pro-choice as well, this guy does not stand a chance in the long run once the social conservatives get to him in Iowa and South Carolina. I don’t think he has a chance against Romney or Paul in NH and Vegas, so the question is where does he win?

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