Ron Johnson never learned the US Constituion

When asked if he believed that article 1 section 8 of the Constitution allowed for a Department of Education, Ron Johnson laughed uncomfortably and jokingly checked his pocket for a copy of the Constitution, signaling to the audience that he believed some obscure section was being referenced by the audience member when in fact Article 1 Section 8 is the article and section that grant powers to Congress, the very Federal Governmental Body that Johnson hopes to serve.

The simple exchange during Johnson’s Q and A with a Rock River patriot group signals that Ron Johnson has not taken the time necessary to learn and understand the details of the document that would grant him power should he be fortunate enough to be elected to the US Senate. So I will no longer be surprised if once he is in office he continues to express confusion and desperation when questioned about the Constitution.

This election cycle is presenting a very tough choice for the Wisconsin electorate. Either go with Ron Johnson who would be for cutting federal spending or vote to reelect Russ Feingold who is against the Patriot Act and the international adventures that are draining our national funds.

Below you can view the video that demonstrates that Ron Johnson is simply not fit to serve as a US Senator because the articles of the US Constitution are foreign to him.

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  1. Uhh says:

    Are people from Wisconsin really fooled by this? That had to be the poorest presentation from a Tea Party candidate I have ever witnessed.

  2. Scott says:

    Ron Johnson is a plant. he showed out of no where 5 days before Terrence Wall dropped out of the race and then he gets the statewide Republican endorsement. What a freakin joke.

    Rob Taylor, the Constitution Party candidate is the real Liberty candidate. Not Johnson or Westlake.

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