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Why the poll saying 56% of Americans support NSA is wrong

I’ve seen several interviews today and yesterday where the corporate news anchor, in one case Oprah’s friend Gayle on Good Morning America and in the other Piers Morgan, use a recent Pew Research poll to argue that 56% of Americans approve of the NSA spying. With only 41% of Americans opposing the spying.

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Edward Snowden’s important distinction between policy and law

While the Obama Administration will certainly not win any awards in the realm of transparency NSA whistleblower Snowden makes an important distinction about the potential capability that currently lies dormant in the existing data collection program named Prism. I see several potential chains of events that lay on the horizon that could unlock the extraordinary abuse of such a program’s capability.

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David Einhorn explains the Fed’s obsession with US stocks

David Einhorn: It seemed to me if the Federal Reserve was willing to cut interest rates by 75 basis points because some French bank was unwinding a proprietary position when nobody else was around, I knew that that was really where their primary focus was. And as I have watched things since then, nothing has taken me off of that belief.

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Only inflation can pop the bubble and only war can inflate again

Recently the Fed’s St. Louis chairman Bullard stated that he will be more comfortable with tapering once CPI has reached a target rate of 2-2.5%. This indicates that the FOMC has no intention of tapering anytime soon. Using the last 20 years as a lesson the only way that the market will be able to sustain numbers relatively close to current levels without the help of the FOMC’s asset purchase program is drastic disruptive innovation on par with the spread of the internet or large scale war.

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CIA prison as motivation in the Benghazi attack

In the mainstream American press the question of motivation is rarely addressed in cases of aggression against American forces. Unless it can be easily explained by religious radicalism, the motivation of religious radicalism and an overall radical culture of Islam is implied. What makes the Benghazi situation so interesting is that the motivation is what [...]

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Slim chances for a grand bargain sends market lower

Shortly after the networks called the election for President Obama on Tuesday night Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a surprisingly firm statement. The eye catching portion of the statement was this: “Now it’s time for the president to propose solutions that actually have a chance of passing the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and [...]

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Bin laden killing frames presidential foreign policy debate

The back and forth between Obama and Romney regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden has framed the foreign policy debate for this presidential election cycle.

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In depth interview with Eric Hovde on the economy

In a wide ranging interview with Milwaukee Story, Eric Hovde answered a variety of questions primarily regarding the US and world economies.

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Mark Neumann talks US debt and the direction of the GOP

I had a chance to talk debt reduction and the direction of the Republican Party with Mark Neumann last week when he joined me by phone.

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Six Milwaukee aldermen go unchallenged in spring elections

In last week’s election in the City of Milwaukee six Milwaukee aldermen were allowed to appear on the ballot unchallenged and therefore cruise to easy victories. The six alderman were Ashanti Hamilton (1st district), Joe Davis Sr. (District 2), Nic Kovac (District 3), Bob Bauman (District 4), Jim Bohl (District 5) and Willie Wade (District 7).

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